Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Facebook, Twitter, Blogging... have I become a social media junkie?

In 2007 I joined Facebook. I was admittedly one of the last of my friends to do so and only sucumbed after numerous invites from people I trusted (I was skeptical at best). Then last year, I began tweeting. It started off slow. My first tweet was in February 2009 ("I'm having breakfast for dinner") and then silence for four months, when I suddenly had a lot to say. Today I started this blog. I've been thinking about it for a while. I'm at a crossroads in my life and will make some important decisions over the next few months, which I need more than 140 characters to express. So here I am. Enter Chrissy D. into the blogosphere!

So why Japanese Ham Sandwich as the title of my blog? Well as anyone who knows me knows, Bikram Yoga is my greatest passion. And one of the poses I do exceptionally well is Pada-Hastasana, or hands to feet pose (it's part of the warm up series). The dialogue while you're in this pose goes something like this: “there is no air or light, from the side you look like a Japanese ham sandwich.” Now I've never had a Japanese ham sandwich, nor am I likely ever to have one (since I don't eat pork), but the phrase is catchy and since I'll likely be blogging a lot about Bikram yoga, it seems fitting (that and the first six names I tried were taken).

I'm currently doing a 60-day Bikram yoga challenge -- I've completed 27 classes, so I'm nearly at the halfway mark. The journey so far has been incredible and I've experienced a whole range of emotions. The first week and a half I felt happy, then came sadness, followed by anger. My body is also reacting -- I've become "sleek" in appearance (or so said the man practicing beside me last night), and I'm craving healthy foods. Over the weekend I stocked up on organic energy bars and fruit and nut snacks. Sure beats the full-fat muffins and chocolate that usually carry me through the morning. The healthy eating seems to be agreeing with me -- last night's class was one of my best in this challenge.

So there's my first-ever blog post! Check back to read about my Bikram challenge and other random things that I'm likely to share.


  1. Congratulations!

    This is a wonderful post and I am forever grateful to you for posting the photo of the Japanese ham sandwich. Pada Hastasana is one of my favorites too {as you'll see from my profile pic} and I've always wondered what that food item ACTUALLY looks like!

    I'm in the middle of the 60-Day challenge and am blogging about it as well! It's good to see you here!

  2. Thanks for your feedback and glad to find another yogi doing a 60-day challenge. I look forward to reading your blog to find out how your journey goes.

  3. cool, will follow your blog during your TT in San Diego.