Thursday, March 18, 2010

The cat's out of the bag!

I guess this blog is more widely read than I thought. When I arrived at the Bikram Yoga Centre last night, one of the studio's newest teachers (fall '09 graduate) berated me for having to find out about my plans to attend Teacher Training via my blog. Of course he did this in front of the other students and teachers -- so the cat's officially out of the bag: I'm going to be a Bikram Yoga teacher! This being public knowledge is both good and bad.

The good news is that I got lots of positive encouragement from the teachers, who said I'm totally ready and that my practice is very strong. One teacher, who actually taught me my first class a year and a half ago, said she was thinking about me the other day and how I'd make a good teacher. Funny thing is that they all agreed I'd be a really tough teacher, which I've always thought myself. I'm very focused and disciplined as a student, so I'd expect this to carry over to my teaching. No half-assing it in my class!

The bad news is that so many things still need to fall into place before I can pack my bags. For starters, time off from work is required. I don't have intentions to teach full-time, so I need to come back to something. Then there's the matter of location -- "Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Las Vegas" sounds like an oxymoron to me. I'm hoping it will move somewhere tropical -- like Hawaii or Mexico or Costa Rica! I’ve been told it doesn't matter where you do the training; you'll be so engrossed in it that there's little time to explore your surroundings. Still, when I tell the story for years to come, I want to say it was somewhere other than Vegas.

Deep down I did want to share the news with a broader audience, so I'm glad it’s out in the open. I'm so grateful for the support I received from everyone last night. I left the studio feeling on top of the world! Fingers crossed that it works out!


  1. It will. That's one thing Dancing J told me when I was dilly-dallying about TT. "The right time will be when you make te choice that you are going to go. Everything else will fall into place." She was right. In Feb, I decided I was gonna go, even if I didn't have a job to come back to. And things just ended up working out.

    You will be there in the Fall too. Because it will work out for you as well.

  2. Hi Chrissy, I just found your blog. Congrats on this decision. I am pretty sure all planets will align for you at the end!!

    BTW, my blog is http://japanesehamsandwiches., same in plural. I guess this makes us cousins ;) hahaha

  3. Hi Cirita: We are indeed cousins! Here I thought I was being original with the name, but you bet me to it. :)

    Glad you found me and I look forward to reading your blog.

  4. How funny, when I saw Yolk E's link to this blog, I was confused - I thought I'd been reading all along because of Cirita's!

    Congratulations on your decision. So many people are rooting for you already. :)

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  6. Ohhh you are being original!! We both ARE hahaha. This just means that we are virtual cousins and that we both felt in love with "From the side you should look like a Japanese ham sandwich, no gap anywhere". LOL

    Right after my first Bikram class, I spent maybe 8 hours google'ng "Japanese Ham Sandwich". I thought the teacher made it up but she assured me they were real and that she grew up eating them. She is half Japanese.

    I wanted to know everything about it but I couldn't find any blogs so I put mine up.

    Looking forward to reading your posting. Mines are going to be tiny sandwiches since I am crazy busy at work right now.

  7. Sorry, I removed one of my post. I had a weird typo. It happens when you speak more than 3 languages and English is not your first one ;) Have a good day cousin!!!!

  8. Great minds think alike!

    You know I've searched the interwebs for an image of a real Japanese ham sandwich without much luck. I found one that I posted alongside my first blog post (, but it just looks like a regular ham sandwich to me. If you find a real one, please send it my way. Or better yet, ask your teacher to make one and take a snapshot of it!

  9. Oh! I just found this thru another blog and HOORAY, another spring trainee! You and Cira are blogging twins... how funny. I love Cira.

    Hilariously, when i tried to do a google search a long time ago to find out what a Japanese ham sandwich was, all that I came up with was a bunch of Bikram yoga related stuff. Emmy said yesterday that Japanese ham sandwich is "an original Bikramism."

    Can't wait to meet you next month! I'm gonna catch up on your blog now. (I see that you already know about mine... but have you ever introduced yourself?? Maybe you did and I missed it? If so, my bad...)

    xoxo Juliana

  10. Hehehe I love you too J :) Still looking for the JHS pic!! I am going to ask Wendy. See you both in LV. I'll be there the 1st or 2nd week of May. According to my instructor, it is a good idea to avoid the first weeks, too much drama in the torture room hahaha

  11. Hi Juliana: Nice to meet you! I found you through the Bikram 101 blog, but didn't introduce myself (sometimes I'm a bit shy).

    I'm not attending TT in the spring, I'm planning to go this fall, so we'll miss each other. I do look forward to reading your blog while you're there so I can learn from your experiences.

    Glad we're all connected now!

  12. Oh, no worries! And I will probably catch you at TT anyway, cause I REALLY want to go back in the fall as a visiting teacher! (OMG.) I already know of a couple other REALLY cool ladies who will be in your class. Exciting!! I will post little dispatches from TT on the weekends for you guys... though i don't wanna give away TOO much... gotta leave a few surprises!! ;-)

  13. Congrats on your decision! I don't aspire to attending TT in my life, as I could never leave my job nor do I think I would make a good teacher. However, I am curious about how people come to the decision and how they make it work in their lives. Who has 9 weeks and $10,000? Apparently a LOT of people. Testament to Bikram devotion, I guess. I read your blog about stigmata and loved it. The first one I noticed is the callous on my chin, which actually reminded me of the callous I have seen on the foreheads of devout Muslims. Interesting. I treat it with an extra dose of lotion. BTW, I found your blog through the prodigal yogini, who is a friend at my studio.