Monday, November 15, 2010

Last chance -- twist (Week 8)

Week 8 was the first week that went by slowly. I've written a lot about how time here seems to be on warp speed, but not this week. The difference is due to a shift in my perspective. It now feels like I've been here a very long time and that I've gotten everything I can out of the training. The incidents from week 7 also changed the atmosphere around here. Things went from being fun and celebratory, to somewhat gloomy. I wouldn't trade the experience for the world and feel I made the right decision in coming to training, but I'm ready to go home and start the next leg of the journey.

We finished posture clinics this week. I delivered Head to Knee with Stretching and Spinal Twist -- the only two poses I didn't have memorized before I came here. I wasn't as confident with them and stumbled more than usual, but made it through just fine. I am so relieved that posture clinics are over! It was difficult to sit for hours and hours on the floor each day listening to people recite the same words over and over again. Now I need to spend some time on my own reviewing everything and starting to string postures together. Only a week to go before I teach my first class! Yikes!

This weekend I spent a lot of money on yoga outfits for my new job as a Bikram Yoga teacher. Now, I had already bought tons of yoga gear prior to this weekend and even before I got to training, so I definitely didn't need anything. But as I blogged about back in the spring, I've got a yoga wear shopping addiction! As soon as I see new styles and colours, I need to have them! While I've been at Teacher Training, several vendors have been onsite and I've bought items from each and every one of them. I've bought so much that I might just have to buy another suitcase to carry it all home. The good thing is I now have different stuff to teach versus practice in. We were told to keep our teaching and practice outfits separate -- which was simply an excuse for me to buy more and more and more and more!

Week 9 is about posture clinics with Bikram, where he'll go through each of the 26 postures and two breathing exercises and explain in detail their proper form and benefits. And of course we still have our daily doubles! I'm crossing my fingers that late nights are a thing of the past, but I wouldn't be surprised if another one is thrown our way before graduation. Speaking of graduation, it's on Saturday afternoon. Not sure how the event will unfold, as the details for most things at Teacher Training are sketchy, including the timing in this case. All I know is that the ceremony is followed by a dinner and I'm catching a cab to the airport at 9am the next day.

I can't wait to be home! I'm sure I'll miss Teacher Training and all the friends I've made here within a couple of days of settling back into my routine, but right now I'm so excited to go home! I'm really looking forward to seeing my niece and nephews, sleeping in my own bed, drinking wine, eating chicken shawarma, driving my car, and -- most important of all -- being on my own schedule. No more signing in four to six times a day! Absolute freedom!

Only a few days to go... I'll see you on the other side!


  1. What is the reasoning behind having separate clothing for teaching and practicing?

  2. Teaching clothes should be more professional and clean, so no smelly, faded, torn yoga gear. I'll probably teach in capris, which I'd never practice in -- too hot. In all honestly, most of my new stuff will be worn for both teaching and practicing. It was just an excuse for me to buy more stuff!

  3. WELL its sat afternoon in sydney Aust so therefore you guys are finished!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO CONGRATS TO YOU FOR FINISHING AND I HOPE YOU ARE CELEBRATING:)
    I cant wait to c your final BKTT post before you go off and teach...and thanks for sharing your journey with us



  4. ok, so today I went to yoga (yoga college of india, in oakland), and was told by the instructor to fold myself up like a japanese ham sandwich.

    Now, I've been doing bikram yoga for a year and a half, and I've worked with this specific instructor maybe ten times. I have NEVER heard anything about japanese ham sandwiches.

    When I got home I googled it (it bothered me throughout class, since I'd never heard of japanese ham sandwiches), and found your blog. Hooray for context!