Monday, April 12, 2010

My 60-day yoga shopping spree

During my 60-day Bikram Yoga challenge, my social life has been non-existent. Before this, I'd go out a few times a week and would easily drop $50 each time. So you'd think that I've been able to save money (which would be very good given the cost of teacher training). But no, I've not saved a single penny. All the money I would have spent on food and alcohol over the last two months has gone into my ever-expanding yoga wardrobe.

Now, I've never been a fashionista. I'm a sensible girl (some might say frugal) and usually opt for function over fashion. For most of my life I had no particular affinity for shopping; however, over the past two months I've discovered the joys of retail therapy. While you won't find me buying designer shoes and handbags, you will find me eyeing new arrivals at Lululemon and on They say the first step in overcoming a problem is admitting that there is one. Folks, I've got a yoga wear shopping addiction!

A new Hot Class Bra at Lululemon? I'll take one in black, lavender, fruity tootie, and lagoon please! I haven't even gotten home and I'm already fantasizing about getting the Hot Class Shorts in each matching colour so that I'll have full sets. Then I'll get an email from Shakti Activewear -- free shipping, one day only. They don't even have much inventory online, but I manage to spend $150 before the offer expires at midnight.

Now I mentioned in an earlier post that I've been able to expand beyond my comfort zone and feel "pretty in pink" in the hot room, but this is ridiculous. I use to have one drawer reserved for my workout wear -- now I have three. I have so many yoga outfits that I probably won't have to do laundry for a month while at teacher training.

But oh how I do love those outfits! I love putting them on and I love watching myself do Bikram's 26 asanas wearing them. Let's admit it -- Bikram Yoga does appeal to our narcissistic tendencies. I mean, where else are you encouraged to look in the mirror for a full 90 minutes? While at first watching yourself as you attempt the poses can be awkward, with time you come to appreciate the movements of your body and the progress you are making. Wearing cute outfits only serves to heighten the experience.

As my 60-day yoga challenge comes to an end so too must my 60-day yoga shopping spree. I need to start putting my money into my "Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Fund." After all, I can't think of a better place on earth to sport all those new yoga outfits!


  1. Ohhhh, I need some help in that department :)I only have 2 Shakti outfits for Bikram and 2 "Be Present" pants for (regular)yoga practice. What else is out there besides these two brands and Lululemon? Anything interesting prima? :-)

  2. I like Shakti bottoms and Lululemon tops myself -- 95% of my yoga wear is from these two brands. I recently bought a couple pairs of shorts from LP Studio Line ( They are one size fits all, which worried me at first, but they're super cute and very comfortable.

    I've never heard of Be Present... will have to do some research on that one.

    Anyone else have suggestions for other yoga wear lines?

  3. I have a similar problem, though it is more or less under control. I have various items from Lucy, Lululemon, Shakti and Tonic. There is also yogabella that is new on the scene. As Bikram becomes more popular, more and more companies will make the appropriate clothing.