Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Making a List, Checking it Twice

It's the summer time: Scorching days, warm nights, patios, beaches, tank tops, flip flops... It's the best time of the year! The only bad thing about summer is that it comes and goes so quickly. In a couple weeks we'll start to be bombarded with "Back to School" ads. This year, those ads will have relevance for me again as I'll be heading to yoga school in September!

Bikram Yoga Teacher Training is 60 days away. And while that still seems pretty far off, time will fly by (especially since it's summer). So this morning, I started my BKTT Packing List. Now, I'm not usually one to make such lists. Often you'll find me packing for a trip an hour before I'm suppose to be at the airport. But teacher training is a big deal for me, so I feel like I need to be uber prepared. That, and I'm just so darn excited about it; the more I can think about and plan for it, the better!

French Press, Brita, kettle, and water bottles top my list -- hydration! Then comes a can opener, cutting board, and knife -- food preparation! Followed by cleaning supplies and yoga gear. Oh and earplugs are somewhere down the middle -- need to protect myself from the Bollywood movies blaring at 3am.

My list is already two pages long and will likely continue to grow over the coming weeks. I'm very thankful to the bloggers from trainings past for their helpful tips on what to bring. (Check out Yoga Boot Camp for a very comprehensive list!)

Please feel free to share your lists... would love to know what others are planning to bring!


  1. :) I shared my list on the spring 09 facebook discussion board. Highly recommend Ultima Lemonade and Trace Mineral Drops -

  2. Sponge to clean dishes
    Army knife
    Something that reminds you of home - I brought along Domokun :D

  3. Domokun - lol. (That's Mei's cutie little stuffed animal thing.)

    I used the lemonade Ultima (on Anna's recommendation, actually) and it worked great. It tastes decent enough that you can keep drinking it every day for 2 months without hating your life. The 90 serving canister is tiny and lightweight.

    If you have room, bring some kinda small pillow or blanket that you can fold up to sit on during posture clinics. That will literally save your butt by the end.

    I ended up buying a fancy double steel wall Starbucks coffee mug so that I could make tea and other "just add hot water!" beverages in my room for lectures and posture clinics. That was awesome.

    You really don't need too much stuff, because you will be using the same exact shit every day. Over and over and over.... ;-)